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Transcription Typing Specialists

A1 Typing provides an accurate transcription typing service in a timely manner, at a reasonable price.

Audio material is transcribed accurately, professionally and expediently for our clients. Any verbal material can be transcribed for you - for example:

                               Interviews and Investigations
                               Meetings and Seminars/Conferences
                               Letter dictation
                               A1 Typing can transcribe any verbal recording 

We aim for precision in our transcribing. This outcome is attained by our long-term experience and all our care is taken to ensure that accuracy and professionalism is maintained, at all times.
       A1 Typing values clients' privacy and the need for discretion and confidentiality 
                 We can assure you that your information will remain confidential

                 If you require your verbal material transcribed, please contact A1 TYPING today,
                                     where we will be happy to discuss your requirements via: 

                                                     Email: christine@a1typing.com.au
                                                     Mobile Phone: 0432-115-979
                                                     Mail:  PO Box 146, Tanilba Bay NSW 2319

                         If you require our pricing schedule, please send your request via email:
                                                 email:  christine@a1typing.com.au
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